Updated February 23, 2012 

BC Science 9 Latest News

Welcome to BC Science 9

The BC Science 9 team would like to wish you all the best for your studies this school year. We are pleased to be of service and hope that your studies are enjoyable.

Welcome to BC Science 9

New Exciting Resources at the BC Science 9 Website!

The BC Science 9 web development team is proud to bring you many new features for the BC Science 9 support website. In the legend to the left, you'll see just some of the exciting new features.

The web team is happy to announce that web support is in place for all units. We hope you enjoy all of our new features, including embedded video, animations, new puzzles, probeware labs and interactive quizzes (which shuffle responses every time you take the quiz, so it's never the same twice).

We've also carefully searched the resources at Quirks and Quarks to bring you perfect correlation to the BC Science 9 content and curriculum, right down to the page number - so you don't have to do any searching for excellent, relevant podcasts.

And the best part about the BC Science 9 wesite is that it is constantly maintained, and it will continue to be maintained, with new resources constantly added, for the life of the BC Science 9 resource.

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